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Forked version of the iSpy payload


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Hi All,

First post, be gentle please.

I wanted to use the iSpy intel payload from the packetsquirrel-payloads repository for a presentation I'm working on, but it appears that the dsniff package for OpenWRT is broken or removed from current versions which was a bit of a roadblock. Rather than get myself set up for cross-compiling (if anyone has a recommendation for a good resource on cross-compiling for the packet squirrel I'd love to read it) I decided to instead to modify the payload to use a tweaked version of net-creds to sniff and dump credentials off an interface. 

If anyone's interested in testing or using such a thing, I've forked the payload repo and the code is all here. Constructive feedback welcome, I haven't really released things before so would appreciate any comments. Happy to submit a PR to add this to the real payload repo if that's desired.

Function is basically identical to the original iSpy payload, however I've stripped out everything except tcpdump and credential sniffing as I'm not sure exactly what's working and what's not yet, and I only require credential sniffing for my demo. Happy to add stuff back in if I've murdered your favourite feature.



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