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When did you decide to takeoff into the Hacker Community?

Gunstar Green

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I never actually singled out a site or something and said "I'm gonna hack these fucks", but when I use a site and discover something amiss... well, the fun part lies in seeing how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

One time we had a new coworker which turned out to be a really hot girl (already taken, of course). She'd said at some company party I didn't attend what her website was, so when they told me to look there for her picture I noticed a photo section that was password-protected. Turns out the URLs to the actual images were rather guessable given the page that lead up to the password protected part, and the convention used for other photos. So I whipped up a script to try all logical combinations and ended up with about 90% of the 'password protected' images. They were quite innocent I can assure you. Just pictures of her new house. So I packaged them up and mailed them to her with a note detailing how I, in the in the interest of data protection, made a backup of her site. It took me a while to get her to like me after that, but we're good friends now so... :D

I must admit, that would be very creepy if you were the girl...

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