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Setting up a SD Card on the NANO using Windows 10?


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On 6/11/2020 at 3:06 PM, AaronLandon said:

Whats up everyone so Im somewhat new to the Wifi Nano and Command Prompt. So that being said I need help mounting a sd card on the Wifi Nano in Command Prompt or if there is a way to  omegle xender do on the Nano web interface. Any help would be great.


thank you my issue has been solved

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The problem is solved, it was enough to change fstab to:

config global
option anon_swap '0'
option anon_mount '0'
option auto_swap '1'
option auto_mount '1'
option delay_root '5'
option check_fs '0'

config mount
option target '/ sd'
option device '/ dev / sda1'
option fstype 'auto'
option options 'rw, sync'
option enabled '1'

config 'swap'
         option device '/ dev / sda2'
         option enabled '1'

And then format the SD card

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