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Keyboards that are incompatible?


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Has anyone come across a compatibility issue between the croc and a keyboard?


When I use the croc with my wireless Arteck, keystrokes are not recorded, nor do keystroke insertion payloads work - the hello world one, for example. 

However, I have tested it with a couple of other keyboards I own, and it seems fine. 


I want to know if this is an issue with Arkeck specifically, or whether others have encountered this with, say, mac keyboards, etc. 

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The Apple Magic Bluetooth Keyboard is a known issue, as is the Microsoft Surface Bluetooth keyboard. Both have USB capabilities when hard wired, but they do not utilize the standard HID channels. We are working on a patch which would streamline keystroke channel discovery and pass through for keyboards which enumerate as composite devices with multiple endpoints - such as keyboard with certain multimedia keys and RGB LED effects. Your standard, boring office Keyboards from the likes of Microsoft and Logitech without such extended capabilities should work out of the box. 

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