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I was thinking that some hak.5 users could send in some video segments for the next epp. Like you would have to do it in your genre i.e. mine would be on website design and I would show how to set up an Apache PHP server.

I would make one for sure :) Also I guess some users could do some funny adverts to fill some gaps in the segments.

What do you all think?

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i think its an intersting idea, let people submit content, and then choose the best one each month to inclue in the show, have people submit by way of youtube or something, then have a select group of people, maybe mods that are willing, or the hosts, but a select and fairly small group of people watch the vids, and vote which one deserves airtime.

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As for quality...it will have to be good. I think the voting idea is good. Then from there I guess the owner of the segment ships a full quality vers on a DVD or CD...not sure how long the postage will take XD

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