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airmon-ng command not found?


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Ok am I missing something?  I'm using the latest 2020 VM version of Kali just for testing and helping others.  Aircrack-ng is installed but when I type airmon-ng or airodump-ng it says command not found.  I've uninstalled aircrack and reinstalled aircrack and still nothing.  I built my own VM with kali 2020 and install all tools and airmon-ng and airodump-ng DO work.  So what am I missing in the prebuilt VMs? 


Why is this so hard all of a sudden?  Side note but I've noticed over the years the VMs seems to have less and less or less and less work out of the box.  Is there a reason for this?  I typically use 2018 or very early 2019 versions as the newer versions seem to be purposely broke.  Any input would be great.  Google seems to understand my question but gives me no sites that have any worth while answers.

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So your kidding me if I type airmon-ng I get command not found.  If I type sudo airmon-ng the command runs just fine.  Rather than the good old days where you get a small reminder to be root or to use sudo...nowadays we just say command not found?  Dumb...

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What OS are you running in your VM? Kali I guess, since it's what's discussed in this thread. Just want to be sure so that you aren't running some distro that doesn't even have it installed in the first place. Did you try (as mentioned in this thread) to run it with sudo?

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