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What is under the hood of the Key Croc?

Young Pharaoh

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After doing some research, I have found that the Key Croc can do the same stuff as the LAN Turtle but in a more advanced way. I see that the LAN Turtle only differs by having the ability of conducting MiTM attacks. Am I right that having the Key Croc may be sufficient to conduct the same attacks of the LAN Turtle except MiTM attack, as well as conducting attacks that the Key Croc was built for?

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The Key Croc was purpose built as a keylogging pentest implant. Unlike the LAN Turtle, it doesn't feature an Ethernet port so it wouldn't make a very good covert remote access toolkit posing as a USB Ethernet adapter. That said, we provide an unrestricted root shell so you're free to explore whatever options suit your particular scenario best. By all means hack away - just be careful not to brick it as the recovery partition will be useless for factory reset should it become damaged. 

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