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brute forcing problem


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Hi guys
I am trying to brute-force a web mail with THC hydra. However, I have problem with building variables argument for https-post-form. The request body is the following:

<iq uid="1" format="text/xml"><query xmlns="admin:iq:rpc" ><commandname>getauthtoken</commandname><commandparams><email>wfe</email><password>b3596baca669706221e4636975cf8f7dbeeac4ccca083f27d940781a4c532baf6057b6c6f137d</password><digest>b3596baca669706221e4636975cf8f7dbeeac4ccca083f27d940781a4c532baf6057b6c6f137d</digest><authtype>1</authtype><persistentlogin>0</persistentlogin></commandparams></query></iq>

Any help would be appreciated

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