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What’s next for Pineapple?

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I’m curious about what’s on the horizons for Hak5 and the community with regard to the next gen of Wifi Pineapple? Having recently bought the tetra I am overall impressed but also a little disappointed with how many of the modules seem to be in need of updates / improvements. I understand modules are maintained by the community, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) it seems the community is sorta stale with regard to pushing the progress / abilities of the pineapple.

Hak5’s recent firmware update is encouraging, but I’d like to know what’s on the horizons for future updates and hardware development. 
I’d love to see Darren do a “state of the union” video talking about how Hak5 sees things going, or a or a Steve Balmer “Developers Developers Developers” style push and encourage the community to keep moving forward. 

Lastly being very new to the pineapple, are there unlisted modules that can be installed? Any worth checking out if so? 

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