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Only few seconds or minutes of mp3 gets saved to the folder.


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I have flash 8 and latest version of SUN Java and Firefox 2 [Latest]

I have no problem with the ID3 tagging or anything everything just works fine. I have installed the grease monkey script for the Pandora Jar too which allows Flash 8 to run.

The mp3 files start downloading when I press Grab this song, but only part of the song gets downloaded. Sometimes its first 20 - 30 seconds songs sometimes its from some where between. Can any one tell me what might be the possible cause for this?

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I am having this problem too. I want to leave mine on cruise control while I am away from my computer but here is what happens:

The first song starts playing and the bottom right corner will say its going to run the grabMP3() function and counts down from about 15 seconds or so. After the countdown it downloads the track but it hasn't been playing long enough so only a small portion of the song is downloaded. Then on ALL subsequent songs, I get the full songs, but they are named with the filename and ID3 tag of the NEXT song. How do I fix this?? Thanks


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What happens if you wait until the end of the song to hit Grab? Do you still get a half song?

I had a similar problem where it always grabbed the wrong song (such as the one that played previously), and found that if I wait until the song gets almost over and then hit Grab, it fixed my problem :)

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