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[RELEASE] Key Croc Firmware 1.3 BETA

Darren Kitchen

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Thank you all for the incredible feedback on the Key Croc. We knew in development that we were on to something game changing, so to hear the enthusiasm from you all directly is truly rewarding. The amount of creativity shown in such a short period of time since initial release is encouraging.

We hope that with this beta release of Key Croc firmware 1.3 we can further that creativity. As always we welcome your feedback here on the forums and of course on our Discord #beta-testing channel.

Thanks for your support and happy hacking!

And an especial big thank you to our team – @Korben for his work on this firmware with the support of @Foxtrot and everyone including 0xdade for feature inspiration.


  • General
    • Optional Password Protected Arming Mode built into framework/parser
      • ARMING_PASS and (optional) ARMING_TIMEOUT can be defined in config.txt (Credits: 0xdade)
    • C2 notifications added to relevant event handlers
    • iProduct can now be defined with PROD_ when calling ATTACKMODE, and defined in config.txt as PROD
    • iManufacturer can be defined in config.txt as MAN
    • Croc now waits for keyboard to enter ATTACKMODE HID
    • Increase output log write speeds
    • Fixed $LOOT
    • Fixed payload validation at boot
  • Payloads / Tools
    • Ported GET extension script from Bash Bunny
    • Added GET_VARS script giving your payload access to the following live data
      • VID
      • PID
      • MAN
      • PROD
      • HOST_IP
      • TARGET_IP
    • Added the following helper scripts
      • QUACKFILE (alias QFILE)
    • Framework functions exported
      • ENABLE_SSH
    • Added the following scripts
  • Misc
    • Added get_payloads.html to udisk
    • Moved examples into library/examples
    • Debug logs moved to /root/loot so they will be automatically moved to udisk for easier debugging access
    • DEBUG ON in config.txt now enables parser and framework debug logs at boot


You can download the BETA firmware here.

You can find upgrade instructions here (substitute the file linked above in step one). 

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