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Newbie need help - WEP cant associate router


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hi, just start(again) to learn pen-testing fr scratch - WEP cracking. hv manage to crack and connects to the router using Open system, but when change the router to Shared system, the aireplay just couldn't associate to the router so cant find ways to crack the password. hv tried bsside, aireplay - arpreplay/chopchop/fragment all just wouldn't work as i assume the router is not 'responding' since we cant associate the wifi adapter

here is the fakeauth command - aireplay-ng --fakeauth 0 -a [router's mac] -h [wifi's mac] wlan0mon
it will just keep reading -

Sending Authentication Request (Open System) [ACK]
Switching to shared key authentication
Read 9618 packets ...'

Its an old TPLink - TL-WA830RE v2.0 wireless modem router

Please advice

p/s -  i understand wep is obsolete(new router wouldnt hv this encrytion), but i just like to learn.

thank you,

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Manage to associate to the router as found the solution searching online- it is to wait for the PRGA file to be created. so the next question is - how could we crack the router(WEP Shared) if theres no one connecting? thank you.

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