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device not communicating with c2


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I'm able to get c2 up and going both on my windows environment and on my linux vm. My cli is -hostname c2.test 

After running, I am able to go to localhost at and setup the device. As instructed online, I download the device.config for this device (owl) and scp into the etc folder, then reboot the device. I get no connections through c2 at all.  I have tried ssh into the device to manually disconnect then reconnect c2 and that hasn't resolved the issue either. 

Any help / ideas? I have searched the first 5 pages of google and still haven't figured it out. My test wireless is at the device is at .61. I have tried on my actual wifi network as well and nothing happens.

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Are you using https on the C2?  I am having a similar problem - possibly related.  I can see port 443 traffic from my device (shark jack) to my C2, but the device does not show up in the UI. It says it is connected to the C2:

root@shark:~# C2CONNECT
sshd already running
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 7 at Thu Jun 18 14:08:00 2020

If I C2DISCONNECT, I stop seeing 443 traffic to the C2, so I believe the connectivity is there, but something in the application is not working right.

My C2 is hosted externally, so hesitant to switch to cleartext protocol, but may have to.

Wondering if there are log files on the C2 that we could check to diagnose the problem?

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