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Please help! Zendesk not helping! Order

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Hi I need to speak to a modulator with hak5 regarding a shipping issue I ordered the key croc and another item and paid for in full on May 16th and I was supposed to get it shipped on May 26th and I spoke to zendesk about the issue and for some reason they decided to put my order on hold when I did not give them authorization to do so and I have no clue what to do because they are not helping me I just need my order shipped to me and every time I go on the tracking link it says that it's been ordered but not shipped can somebody from hak5 help me please! Thank you so much! Please help

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@Darren Kitchen Hi ordered the keycroc and I think the signal owls on May 16th and I was supposed to get my products sent on May 26th and I told zendesk that I may have a issue sending it to my address but was just asking about a shipping question and they ate and put it on a administrated hold, all I want is for my products to be shipped can you please help me I've been trying to go through every one and I think you're the only one that could probably help me with this issue because you're the owner please sir I just want my products and paid and full already all I want it is sent to my address please. I have my order number

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