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HELP ME : I need a tutorial step-by-step for Win 7


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How far have you got with this? Have you plugged it into your laptop (in arming mode yet?)

It should just be a case of switching it into arming mode (middle position) and plugging it into your laptop either directly into an Ethernet port or into a USB Ethernet adaptor.

Once connected, you can open a web browser and go to the address '' or alternatively connect to the SSH terminal using something like PuTTY (same IP address)

That should get you up and running initially. Hope that helps

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You loot should be in the /root/loot folder. You can either browse to this in the SSH terminal or just look for the 'Loot' tab on the web interface, at the top ,(when in Arming mode) and that should show all the files in the loot folder.

Does that help?

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