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PlunderBug Not showing up in Wireshark


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I had a very similar issue on Windows 10.  Instead of running the powershell script, I used the alternative method of running ncpa.cpl.  I then unchecked all the protocols for that ethernet adapter as was stated in the instructions.   This was wrong and especially different from what the power shell script does.  The PS script simply disables Internet Protocol Version 4 and Internet Protocol Version 6.  (which forces some others to be disabled too).  When I did *ONLY THAT* and then ran Wireshark "As Administrator" (which may not always be necessary)  it worked just fine.  Turns out that disabling Npcap protocol made the adapter invisible to wireshark.  Another one - didn't examine further and don't know, keeps the plunder bug from working the second time it's connected. Interestingly, the Screen capture Hak5 uses in that instruction does not include NPcap in the list of protocols but does say "All of them".  My recommendation is that in the instructions - just tell people to uncheck the two TCP protocols and leave the rest alone.


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PS - to remedy the issue, with plunderbug disconnected, go to "Device Manager", "Show hidden",  go to "Network Adapters" and remove the Plunderbug one ASIX AX88772C  ... then plug in the plunderbug again and do what I said in the prior post. (or use the powershell script)

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