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Map a wireless network???


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Does anyone know of software i can use to visually map the signal strength of a wireless network?

Ideally i'd like to be able to link this up to GPS (so maybe i could use WIFIFOFUM to some extent - externally though) i guess i could try mapping it with something like MAPINFO or something.

The main problem is that i need to use this internally and GPS isn't so hot inside a building plus accuracy is probably +-10m!

I'd like to do a wireless survey and be able to see where i need to place extra repeaters or antenna. possibly overlay the data on a layout of the building etc. (even manually referencing my position and just recording the signal at that point)

I know there is commercial stuff available but its a bit expensive! :shock:

Sorry for the long post....any suggestions would be great...thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the suggestions...

The AirPcap network adapter would be great apart from the price tag (nothing on ebay either!) as Windows would make it easier for me at the moment...

Kismet looks like a good option too although means linux...looks like i finally have to make a move to linux then! Thats my next project, been going to do that for ages....better go read some wiki about where to start!! Any favorites..there's so many to choose from? Its probably been asked a million times so i'll search the forum....

Thanks again :)

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