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Shipping to the UK


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So looking at buying the WiFi pineapple nano, but live in UK and see 3 shipping options available (passport priority $13 dutys may apply, dhl/FedEx $49 dutys unpaid, and passport priority plus $49 duties paid)

Which of these options have people picked and what fees have you got when the items landed in the UK?

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20 hours ago, Jtyle6 said:

There's some authorized resellers https://shop.hak5.org/pages/authorized-resellers

And there is one in the UK.

The UK "authorised" reseller charges £139.99 GBP ($170 USD) for a Nano (list price £82 GBP ($100 USD)). That's a markup of 70% (assuming they don't get an "authorised" reseller discount and the markup is even higher). Then there is £7.99 delivery and both then get taxed at 20%. Buying a Nano within the UK from the "authorised" reseller will cost a customer £177 GBP or $215 USD. It's probably cheaper to buy one direct from Hak5 and get it shipped half way around the world than to order if from Sheffield.

Also their pricing is not consistent. Oddly there is only a 38% markup on a Tetra. I suppose they are assuming that people are more likely to purchase the "cheaper" device and so are heavily loading the price of the Nano.

Other comparisons


(Prices as of 24MAY20)

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34 minutes ago, aethernaut said:

The UK "authorised" reseller charges £139.99 GBP ($170 USD) for a Nano


It seems that Amazon UK sells them for £132.95 including VAT and delivery.

Only slightly over-priced when you take tax and delivery costs into consideration but, unlike with the "authorised" UK reseller, you are not being heavily ripped off...

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