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Keyboard hot keys scan codes

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I did a little research into why my hot keys on my keyboard are not passing through the KeyCroc.  Below are my keyboard scan codes that i captured with the number 1 for comparison.  I am guessing that the reason these buttons are not working is because they are not listed in the language US.json. I would love some help trouble shooting this problem and adding these hot keys and others to the KeyCroc.  I tried to make a payload that would QUACK KEYCODE 03,CD,00 for example and match it with MATCH 1 but this will not play/pause for me.  Thoughts.

radix: hexadecimal 
03 CD 00 00 00 play pause
radix: hexadecimal
03 E2 00 00 00 mute unmute
radix: hexadecimal
03 EA 00 00 00 volume down
radix: hexadecimal
03 E9 00 00 00 volume up
radix: hexadecimal
03 23 02 00 00 home
radix: hexadecimal
03 8A 01 00 00 mail
radix: hexadecimal
04 01 power off / sleep screen
radix: hexadecimal
03 92 01 00 00 cal
radix: hexadecimal
00 00 1E 00 00 00 00 00 number 1

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