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Using the Tetra as an AP I want to implement a Raspberry PiHole. Pointers?


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It’s been a while. I hope everyone is healthy along with friends and family.  Anyways..

I was in need of a wireless repeater/AP and due to time constraints, I haven’t done much with my tetra other than errant tcpdumps and nmap scans of my local network. I’ve been wanting to implement a Raspberry PiHole for some time and my WRT1900 is showing it’s age. Before I spend a couple hundred bills on a new appliance, I was thinking of using the Tetra as a dedicated wireless router, daisy chained off our comcast supplied router/wireless combo piece of shit. (I’m moving towards our own more customizable router in leu of renting one, but right now it’s out of my hands.)

Thus far, the tetra has been great for what I need. It’s running FW 2.54 (i’m pretty sure) and I haven’t wanted to mess with FW/module updates as it’s doing what I need.

Does any one have any helpful suggestions on how to bring this to fruition?

I know this place is very ‘here’s the road, go down it’. I get that and have the documentation on how to add a PiHole to an OpenWRT router. I mainly want to see if any one had any suggestions or pointers before I begin down said road.

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