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After SSL Split in on, No website work


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i recently bought wifi pineapple nano and the problem i am getting with module ssl split is that once it's installed and started, the clinet devices does not open any websites at all. No facebook no google or yahoo or anything else which is https.

As soon as i turn off the ssl split, everything just works fine. Any help would be much appreciated.


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I don't believe there's many use cases where SSLSplit will actually work anymore. Most browsers won't fall for it. Last I checked (and this was a while ago) MITM HTTPS stuff is prudy much out of the question at the minute. Even on all the PineAP Demo's etc they're focusing on HTTP traffic not HTTPS. As more browsers default and insist on HTTPS most of this stuff will be out of reach.

If you're after creds etc. DNSSpoof, Evil Portal etc are your best bets.

Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong as I'd love to see a working SSLSplit but I'm certain it's dead.

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2 minutes ago, Don Joe said:

@PanicAcid can you provide some more detailled information about DNSSpoof and EvilPortal? Are there ready-to-use modules for the TETRA that will work like a charm? thanks in advance.

Careful with the thread necromancy there buddy. There's definitely a EvilPortal module for the tetra, as for DNS spoofing check out this rather old video of our very own DK talking you through it:

Obviously this is for the mk5 I think but the process should be the same. 

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