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A short guide to Signal Owl


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Just a short guide 🙂 I did this in windows 10. 



step 1 ) first update firmware! Format an usb to be either FAT32(win) or EXT4(linux) and download the latest firmware. Put it onto the usb, as the only file there.

step 2 ) put the usb in the second usb port and wait 5-10 minutes

step 3 ) if the LED has begun to slowly blink, you are done. Press the button on the back to go into "Arming mode"



step 4 ) in "Arming Mode" we can connect to the Signal owl, check your wifi and owl_xxxx(last 4 mac address, should be in the network)

step 5 ) download PuTTY and PuTTy psftp.exe 

step 6 ) after installation of PuTTY psftp, open the exe file.

                 In command line write: open, login in as root, password is hak5owl

step  7 ) go to /payload/. TO add files there you need to write in command line: put and the drag and drop the textfile you want to upload to the signal owl

                syntax  example = COMMANDLINE >>put  "C:\users\user\desktop\payload.txt" hit enter and you have uploadet the file!

step 8 ) as far as i know, there can  only be one text file named "payload.txt". So if you want more payload, you have to rename the inactive ones. fx. like:"payload_bitcoinhacking.txt" 

             then rename it to payload.txt when you want to use it. But signal owl can only have one active file.

step 9 ) good luck! and have fun. You can use normal putty to SSH access the signal owl and run program like aircrack-ng or nmap from there 🙂


I hope this can give some answers.:)




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