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pineapd won't start

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I'm running my Nano on firmware 2.7.0 and having the most bizarre issue. It's been happening since at least 2.6.2. I try to start the PineAP daemon, but it immediately stops. If I ssh in, and run

pineap get_status

I get:

Failed to connect to socket at path: /var/run/pineapd.sock: No such file or directory

Further, a directory listing of /var/run confirms the socket file is missing. Should I attempt to recreate this file manually, and if so, how?

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I've made some progress tracking a possible cause. I am still double-checking some things to make sure. So far, I believe it is caused by a particular module.

@fw0: Could you please list the modules you have installed?

Also, if you're willing & able, try doing a backup of anything important, and formatting your SD card (if any), and doing a factory reset. Then test if pineapd stays running before installing any modules.

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So I had recently flashed the pineapple, so there were no modules, I just reflashed and now pineAP is working, but it is running the CPU at 100% 😕

I thought the SD card might have some issues to I haven't been using it since I upgraded to 2.7.0, waiting for a new sd card now.

 4922     1 root     S     8172  14%  55% /usr/sbin/pineapd /tmp/pineap.conf
 2519  2509 root     S     6872  12%  29% cc-client /etc/device.config
    7     2 root     SW       0   0%   5% [ksoftirqd/0]


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