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SD Card Crisis on Wifi PineApple Nano


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I'm on firmware 2.7.0

I'm not sure why the the SD card keep getting corrupted. 

I have an 8 GB Micro SD formated via GUI.

Should I use a bigger card like 64 GB or 128 GB ?

Is there a specific format that I should format the card to prevent is corruption in the future ?

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When the SD card gets corrupt, it seems it is best to scrub clean the SD card in another PC.

1st, power off the Nano, and remove the Micro-SD card.

2nd, insert the microSD card into a computer running Windows, macOS or Linux.

3rd, if you're running Windows grab and use the SD format tool (google it). ---OR--- if running macOS or Linux, find the device name, and issue the below command - WARNING! THIS COMMAND COMPLETELY OBLITERATE ALL DATA ON THE DEVICE YOU SPECIFY!! Be 100% sure you specify the correct device, and have backed-up any important data from it. You HAVE been warned!!

dd if=/dev/zero of=[name of device] bs=4096

Obviously, replace [name of device] with the actual device name, which starts with /dev/ and varies from system to system. If you don't know the correct device, please ask, but specify the name and version of your Operating System. The command will take a while to complete, and you won't see any progress while it runs. Let it finish.

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I thought I have issues with (16 GB) till I realized that it take some time to load! After booting just wait a while (may turn of PineAP and so on). For me it takes around 4 - 5 minutes.

You can proof via API or directly (after SSH into):

root@Pineapple:~# ls -la /sd/

To see via UI may already installed modules, reload UI (http://<your IP>:1471).


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