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Saving Word Documents on Rubber Ducky

Ray Littlecrow

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Hi there! So recently, I've been asked to work from home with a work laptop that has blocked access to the USB ports, meaning the ports are functional but they haven't allowed anyone to open their USBs. How can I save word documents onto the rubber ducky and open it on my work laptop (Windows and Mac Laptop Please) when the access is blocked and I don't have administrative privileges?

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7 hours ago, Rkiver said:



Every device has a dedicated section. Check there.

Thank You So Much!! I'm actually looking for a USB storage that registers as a keyboard. Do you have any product suggestions? Another forum said the bash  bunny might do this? I don't want to do any penetration testing. I just don't want the laptop to think I'm inserting a USB, I want it to think it's a Keyboard...

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