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How to clone any website and upload it to Wordpress?


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Connect to the file transfer system provided by your hosting provider. Download all files. Upload to the new box.

Back up database using hosting provider database access software. Upload that to the new box.


Install a backup plugin on your old site. Backup the site. Install the plugin on the new site. Restore the site.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the quick response. Actually, I am not the owner of the website that I want to copy. I don't have the WP admin or Cpanel access.


However, Is there any way to copy the theme and can I use it on my own domain after downloading the theme?


Already, 🤧 I used HTTrack as well as other free tools to copy the website but failed. 🥴



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Stop stealing other peoples work :)

You can see if you can figure out what base-theme they used, and base your own design on that.
The same for plugins, and the like, but plain downloading everything, throw it on a new server doesn't make it your content, and yes, it is theft, and copyright infringement.
You can buy base-themes and use for a starting point in your own design, some allow that. So, going that route would be the right route, everything else is plain wrong.

Be creative on your own :)
And yes, it can take a lot of time designing a website, that's half the fun :)

If it's for a phishing campaign, stop doing something illegal :)
You cant just download a WP site, you'll need the files, AND the DBase, to have a complete backup / copy. If you don't have creds, and can't get them, you're on the wrong path :)


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