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Captive Portal.. Re-Portal Target Once Revoked via Portal Detection


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Attempting a different type of attack...

Android Target -->ARP  Poison-->MITM-->Captive Portal (with Android Captive Portal detection... Not counting that target has to surf to http site)

I can get captive portal all day long with initial WiFi connection.  However, if either I revoke target access in something like Evil Portal module... Or... More like I'm trying to do with ARP poisoning target with an already established wlan connection... The captive portal detection in android doesn't seem to pick back up.   It seems that after established on the lan the device does connectivity checks via SSL and not HTTP (https://connectivitycheck.gstatic.com/generate_204 instead of http://connectivitycheck.gstatic.com/generate_204).  I just need to verify with someone else that is the case and this is not going to be a feasible thing to pursue.



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