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Please help, lan turtle port options


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There are so many options and they're different than the video tutorials please assist me. 


I have my ssh server with the user set up. It's behind a router which doesn't have hairpinning so I am required to test in-depth later. But the service is exposed via port 22 by my router, okay? 

So, what should my 3 ports be in Lan turtle? 

Turtle has Port, Local port, remote port. 

Which is for which? The help is absolutely garbage like most documents available for it. 


Is it okay to set them all to 22 or would that cause problems (when trying to connect on the laptop with the server exposed, once the lanTurtle is up and connected to a network which I have access to test. 


Is the first one ("Port") just the port to try and connect to over ssh? So my server open port (since I'm behind nat)? 

Okay then what is remote port? "remote port to bind through the ssh tunnel" 

And then the last one. Local. 



Ssh is incredibly new to me as you can tell. 

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Also Currently I have it set at 22,2222,22.


Feels right so, since I don't have a vps right now I'll have to wait to make an attempt at testing 



ALSO for the love of God how is something so simple (can be made for like 10$ or less at home) so disastrous. Like I'm sorry, but you can't even get help if you need it, but let's ignore that, the simple "if job is running, check the box next to it" doesn't even work! Even my cron job which went to the source, changed status to echo 1 directly... Still nothing! 

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