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Kismet-hak5 - can't login to webif.

Aaron Outhier

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So, I was having trouble installing Kismet-hak5 package on my nano. I did specify the SD card for installation with 

opkg install kismet-hak5 -d sd

but the Nano rebooted before the install finished. I then removed the package after logging in again. I noticed that there is too much stuff in the internal storage. So much for installing to the SD card...

The culprit seems to be a symlink from /sd/etc to /etc and Kismet loads lots of stuff into /etc, which is redirected to /sd/etc by opkg, which is still the same as /etc, due to the symlink. Grrr.

mkdir -p /sd/kismet/logs
ln -s /sd/kismet /etc/kismet
opkg install kismet-hak5 -d sd

I then ran kismet. The Nano then rebooted. I then let out an exasperated sigh!

I found the config file that changes the location of the log files - I don't quite recall where ATM. Changed that to /sd/kismet/logs .


Ran kismet, bracing myself. Ran fine!! I opened my Web Browser to . It asks me for the login, which I never setup, and don't have. That same page says that the credentials are stored in /root/.kismet/kismet_http.conf . So, I 'cat /root/.kismet/kismet_http.conf', but there is not such file!

Tearing out my hair now. Is there any hope for me available before I put my bald head through the wall...


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