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wp6.sh can't seem to connect to my Pineapple Nano - fixed!

Aaron Outhier

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Hello, So...

I just got a new-to-me-but-used laptop, and installed the latest Kali on it. Plugged in my WiFi pineapple Nano, and verified connectivity - working. So, I brought down the interface so that I could download the wp6.sh file. Done. set the user permissions - Done. Ran 'sudo ./wp6.sh', and went through the wizard - done. Pressed 'c' to connect. Sat there for 5 minutes trying to connect to the Pineapple. I finally pressed Ctrl-C (had to do that a few times in rapid succession in order to get back to a shell prompt). I checked ifconfig, it seems ok - I have the correct IP address ( I then tried to trace route Funny thing - it's going to my router, then my Internet connection... Ctrl-C.

I then checked the routing table on my Kali Box. There is no route to 172.<anything> listed. I then typed 

route add -net netmask -dev eth1

Note, that not everyone's dev will be the same. Mine is eth1, but yours might be different.

After that, i re-ran ./wp6.sh . Working a charm now.


The devs might want to check that script.

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