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There are no logged probes for this MAC Address


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I try to load the logged probes with all the device that in Recon result scan but there are no logged probes found. I also check the vendor of router and I don't see it too.

If I want to know the vendor of a router or devices under that router, I will use MAC info module. It is fine but I have to copy and past. I watched Darren's video introduced version 2.5 and he could load logged probes and see vendor of router and devices in the router.

Is it because the version of 2.7.0?


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I have this problem with 2.4.1 (where it says you need to turn probe logging on but there seems to be no option to do so) but with 2.7.0 it seems that the longer you set to continuous scan the more chance you have of finding logged probes.

Of course, the longer 2.7.0 is on the higher chance you have of it hanging due to ath issues or the sd card unmounting...

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You can try a full firmware recovery. Instructions are here:


This will bring you back to 2.4.1

If you then upgrade it will automatically upgrade to 2.7.0, but you can try manually upgrading to 2.6.2 first, which you can find


Try that before upgrading to 2.7.0 and see if it's working there?

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