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Can I use my Nano in monitor mode


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Hello, my rt2800 card just died.

I tried to use my Nano as "replacement". I can't figure how to set my Nano as wlan0, it is by default on eth0. I can't set my Nano in monitor mode on airmon-ng. Is there a way I can use my Nano without using the pineapple web page?

Thanks for your replies.

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Your pineapple is NOT a wireless adapter!!
It's an embedded device running it's own version of Linux, getting power from the USB port.

So NO, you can NOT run the pineapple as wlan0 on your kali installation.

However, you are able to SSH into the Pineapple, and then use the Pineapple wifi chips. I recommend using wlan1 for monitor-mode.

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