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Android App??

Aaron Outhier

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On wifipineapple.com/nano, there is a link to setup the Pineapple from an android device. That link is dead!! The item is not available on the google play store.

I am working with the developers  of NetHunter, who have a Pineapple Connector option built into their NetHunter app, but it isn't working for me. The developers suggested I try the hak5 app for comparison, to see if it works. Currently, I a unable to test at this moment.

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The WiFi Pineapple Connector App has been deprecated (for nearly a month now), due to difficulty supporting multiple types of devices considering the size of our team. I wasn't aware that NetHunter had the app built-in to their ROM otherwise I'd have tried to reach out and let them know.


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4 hours ago, nitchimon said:

Is this the same app that was on Google Play ?  Is it safe from a 3rd party place like this ?

Is it the same? Not sure. Would need a known good file hash to verify and compare.

Is it safe? Sometimes, but I'm not going to install it without a official, verified checksum/file hash from a Developer against which to try and match it.

The site says "trusted site" and "guaranteed working". That worries me. Trusted by whom, and who is making this guarantee? The Jury is out on this one, for now.

At least I know Google checks all submissions for problems and malware. In general, I do not trust 3rd party sites.

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I downloaded and installed it.  It installs their own app to be able to download and install from them THEN it goes out and downloads the WiFi Pineapple Connector app.   I uninstalled the Aptoide Ap and the WiFi Pineapple app runs fine.


So the link I posted  WILL install their app first.  After testing, it doesn't look to do anything but allow access to their repository similar to Google Play.

Is the Hash of the original APK somewhere on Hak5 ?  I'd love to compare it.

While the WiFi Pineapple Connector may no longer be supported,  It would be nice to leave it on Google or within the Hak5 community somewhere... It works on my Android very well with the Nano.  I get it that it "can" be a nightmare to support 1 single Android App for all the  various devices.  But <shrugs>.


thanks for the reply



Yeah, I know just because someone "says" they are safe....  but before installing, I googled it and followed a great deal of links.  So I feel safe it didn't infect my 'droid

There's a response from one of the co-founders:



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