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kill launch of SYSTEM processes


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Does anyone know how to stop a process with SYSTEM user level from launching? ive got a nanny filter installed for my kids and it runs as SYSTEM and as the user. is there a way to disable the SYSTEM process from the administrator account? meaning i want to be able to do whatever i want but i want to remove the restrictions for them.

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hmm :S okay this isnt as sus as dirst read so here we go.

First most Web Filters, such as NetNannie allows for given users to be super Users, and which will not be effected by the filtering, so if u have rought a Filter i suggest checking the manuel for such an option.

Second, if ur using a Windows Admin, though ur kids are using a restriced account you are simply able to stop the proccess, via Ctrl+Alt+Del, Processes, then simply ending the process.

If this then ends the filtering for ur account, what u want to do is make a batch file with the taskkill command shutdown the process for u.

Aftwards set the batch file to auto run when u log in, either buy placing it in "C:Documents and Settings%User%Start MenuProgramsStartup" folder, or if u have experience with the minipulating the reg, then u can add it there as well.

So first step, check out if as admin, u can kill the task via Task Manager. then we will move on.

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