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Will PAY for a Rubber Ducky script


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Forgive me if I am asking impossible but I want to achieve is this.
I am giving my young teenage child a MacBook but I want to be able to see remotely what he is up to on it. He will be out of my house and living with his mother who is "very relaxed" about what he gets up to. I just want to be able to remotely keep an eye occasionally on what he is up to. I have a rubber ducky on its way, but realise that by the time I get my heard around learning how to do It will take ages.... if its possible at all!!
He has serious depression and I want to make sure he is safe.
Please email me on avrahamblanck@protonmail.com
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Maybe a little faith and trust can go a long way ?

How old is he ?. Since you're saying teenager, i guess between 13-19 ?
If my parents installed spyware on my machine, when I were that age, I would have had a fit !
Maybe it's simply just an idea to talk to him about what's okay, and what's not okay, and let him know he can talk to you if he needs it.
No matter how clever solution you come up with, there's a chance he'll find it, and turn it off..

If you have the admin password / root, something like a vpn that connects home, and let you remote admin it, og, a script that finds out when the machine is online, and collects the logfiles, and emails them to you, is simple to do, you don't need a Ducky for that. That does require creds, I know.
If you haven't gotten that, or can get them from his mother, then what happens on that machine, is not your bussiness.

Just my 2c


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Thanks man for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me  

Trust is one thing but I am just scared he is going to look at stuff on how to harm himself. 

I did a little research and thought the rubber ducky might be the thing but obviously wrong 😞

As per your suggestions technically I have no idea how to do them. I can’t give him his password, why should I and he could just change it. I know what a VPN is but again can’t force him to access the internet with it. As for scripts that email me when he is online an  collects log files I would not know where to gun though. 

Thansk for your advice and thoughts. 


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I can understand that concern, thats a tough place to be 😞

The problem with the Ducky is that's it's basically just a keyboard that you can program, it's not "A Silver Bullet".
If he hasn't gotten s standard user password, how can he use the system ?
As long as you keep the admin / root password, there's no harm in that.

What i mean with VPN, is that you get the machine to connect back to you, then you SSH into the machine, read the log files / control the firewall, job done.
If it can only go online through VPN, and you control the VPN, then you control what he can access..

Not the best solution, but a solution none the less.

Have a look at Bash / Python programming. Making a script that collects the log files, zips them, and then upload them to a server / emails them is a rather simple task.
Run it as a protected user, then he'll have a hard time shutting it off. And the point isn't if he can. Let him know it's running.

And let's face it. If you' re worried he'll find ways to self injure online, well, most don't need to find ways to do that, any ol' sharp object will do, trust me, i know.
Some times, it can also be a comfort to talk to someone else online who's been there, not to get ideas, but to get support. Maybe he want's to talk to you, but don't want to upset you.
Again, trust, love and support is the way to go, not mistrust and spying..

But, I do hear what you're saying, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this, and my heart goes out to your kid too :(, I hope you'll find a way, together 🙂

Much love


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Thanks Kent

I also know where he is coming from so that’s another reason why I am concerned . He has had a lot on his plate recently and we to talk but he just tells me he can’t cope . He has tried meds but they make him worse  

Again your suggestions are very kind of you but way too technically advanced for me. 



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