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Can anyone write me a script? Will pay.


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Forgive me if I am asking impossible but I want to achieve this.

I am giving my young teenage child a MacBook but I want to be able to see remotely what he is up to on it. He will be out of my house and living with his mother who is "very relaxed" about what he gets up to. I just want to be able to remotely keep an eye occasionally on what he is up to.

I have a rubber ducky on its way, but realise that by the time I get my heard around learning how to script it will be too late he will already have the laptop.

I will have the time to upload a large file.... but would also like to be able for this code to be both hidden in the system (in case any of his mates are hackers and check it out) and to be able to delete it later if I see he is behaving himself. The problem is he is very depressed and I am scared he will harm himself.

If you can help, please contact me on avrahamblanck@protonmail.com

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This seems unnecessary, first of all you could be lying about the child and just be using the script for malicious intent, second of all, trust your child, I had a dad like you who never trusted me and would spy on me, this just taught me to be more sneaky and dishonest which eventually led me to getting arrested. Trust your child and just talk to him about your concerns.

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