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WiFi Pineapple SSH (Help)


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@Syntheic02 (Referring to the above screenshot you posted) Look where it says "WiFi Client Mode". Perform a scan and look for the WiFi signal that you normally use everyday. Connect to it and enter in it's password. From there, you should be good to ssh into your NANO 🙂

Additionally, if you're having issues with Putty and you're running Windows 10, you can go to the Windows store and download the "Ubuntu" app (free). Short version, it allows you to use your Windows 10 CMD line with the same commands as a Linux machine - ssh capabilities.



Lastly @Syntheic02 do you have a USB WiFi dongle plugged into your NANO?


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On 3/25/2020 at 4:31 PM, Syntheic02 said:

Hello, I got my Nano today and I set it all up able to access it via web but when I tried to access it via Putty at I just get this 9T19l6X.png 

Nothing comes up, WinSCP comes up "Searching for host"

Do I have to somehow enable it so I can connect?



Are you able to use to the Pineapples WEB interface?
If yes, try checking if you have any firewalls/anti-virus blocking your attempts.

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