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my iphone 11 or my icloud has been hacked


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i’ve factory reset, changed numbers, got a new device and a new icloud account... 6 times since september 21, 2019 when my then iphone 7 got hijacked before my eyes. at one point i saw someone else who i believe is the hacker signed into my icloud account and had associated his phone number with my device. what can i do to make this stop? my calls are being intercepted and my people aren’t receiving texts if related to finances. i suspect it has to do with my boyfriends stepmother who has been doing everything in her power to surveil us as she claims inheritance that should be going to my boyfriend.

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Buy an old school none smart phone, use that for a couple of months instead of your iPhone.

Stay off the internet as well during that time.

The evil step mother will soon get bored and move on.

Also, if she has that level of skill, point her at one of the big big bounty platforms as they millions for people who are able to do what you claim she is doing.

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