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ASCII Mapping problem on Mac.


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I live in France, I use a Macintosh and all the payloads have problems ...

I use the fr.json. But this one, not transcode correctly \ [ > |

in fact all shortcut using SHIFT + ALT not works.

and I have this problem on the BASH BUNNY and the RUBBER DUCKY...

I think there is a problem with the fr.json, cause I've tried on 3 differents Macintosh, and always the same bad result.

I've tried  to modify the fr.json, but never got a good result..

thank you for your help.

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Here is a working version of fr.json for mac.

Note that French and Belgian keyboards seem to be the same on mac.

    "__comment":"Apple FR - All numbers here are in hex format and 0x is ignored.",
    "__comment":" ",
    "__comment":"This list is in ascending order of 3rd byte (HID Usage ID).",
    "__comment":"  See section 10 Keyboard/Keypad Page (0x07)",
    "__comment":"  of document USB HID Usage Tables Version 1.12.",
    "__comment":" ",
    "__comment":"Definition of these 3 bytes can be found",
    "__comment":"  in section B.1 Protocol 1 (Keyboard)",
    "__comment":"  of document Device Class Definition for HID Version 1.11",
    "__comment":"  - byte 1: Modifier keys",
    "__comment":"  - byte 2: Reserved",
    "__comment":"  - byte 3: Keycode 1",
    "__comment":" ",
    "__comment":"Both documents can be obtained from link here",
    "__comment":"  http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/",
    "__comment":" ",
    "__comment":"A = LeftShift + a, { = LeftShift + [",
    "__comment":" ",
    " ":"00,00,2c",


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