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Compile own program on shark


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I have some c files that i would like to compile with gcc on the Shark.

I understood that Shark is using openwrt. So i create my dev vm with openwrt on it.

I compile my program "HelloWorld.c" and i copy on the shark .... but its not work.

Its my begining to work on very tiny soc ... so any help will be welcome 🙂


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Hello, and welcome to Hak5 forums.

Let me start by pointing out that you aren’t getting any replies, because you have posted very little info as to the problem you are having. There are just too many possible causes to your troubles, and most folks don’t want to deal with rookies. I always try to remember we were all rookies once upon a time.

That said, please run the following commands on your SharkJack, and post the output in your reply:

ls -lh
file <name-of-your-compiled-program>

Note: I haven’t checked yet if the SharkJack has the “file” command. If it doesn’t, you may simply run the second command on your dev environment. Naturally, substitute the actual name of your program. Do not include the <angled brackets>.

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