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Mute injecting sound of Rubber Ducky?

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Is it possible for the Rubber Ducky to mute the sound before the system popup on usb injection makes noises? I tried looking for a general keyboard shortcut to mute the sound but couldn't find anything about it. Most laptop uses F4 button to mute sound (if FN-key is enabled) and larger keyboards have individual keys for volume. The most general way I could find is using stuff like powershell script to mute the sound but that take too long and the popup sound would have already gone off by then.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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Properly not as the computer needs to recognise it before it can work.

But there are media keyboard buttons defined in the encoder. Two which may be of interest too you are (MEDIA_MUTE or MUTE) and (MEDIA_VOLUME_DEC or VOLUMEDOWN). The reason for two names for each is the second is an alias.

You could give them a go and see.


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