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SD and packet capturing?


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Are there any modules or tutorials on how to use the Lan Turtle SD to capture packets and store them on the SD card?

I was at least expecting to find a module using tcpdump or something like that, but don't see any.  The product page does say, "Quickly gather pcap (packet captures) files (SD model)"


Gobble up all of the interesting data with support for massive Micro SD cards on the LAN Turtle SD."


I suppose I could write my own service using tcpdump, but I was hoping there was already a module for that.

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Hi Subobo ! 

A module already exists.

You can find it on the GitHub modules section https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-modules

This is le Turtledump module ;).

For install : just copy the file into : /etc/turtle/modules -> turtledump

execute the installation with this command /etc/turtle/modules/turtledump install 


You'll be able to use tcpdump with this module, and transfer your .pcap files on your VPS with sshfs 😉

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