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Updates? - macOS / OSX 10.15.3 Catalina


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I was curious to see if the community had found any new information on this as currently I can't find any new information on Catalina compatibility that works or consistently works. It's not the end of the world as I just have to carry around another computer but it would be nice. Everything was working fine on a 2018 15" Pro on Mojave, but unfortunately that was stolen and without doing research I just got a 16" and Apple have tried a multitude of times to put Mojave on the 16" without success. 

Crossing fingers that someone. has stumbled upon a workaround. Thanks Hak5 community!

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Maybe I'm not understanding you properly, but the WiFi Pineapple is in itself a Linux computer with a web interface accessible from any modern browser. There isn't any desktop software to install on your host computer. You just connect to it via WiFi or Ethernet and open on your browser. I've used my WiFi Pineapple NANO on my 16" Macbook Pro without any issue, and the same could be said for just about any modern OS.

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POSITIVE UPDATE! The problem was due to lack of support for the usb 2.0 drivers on dongles.. I called almost every provider after buying the Edimax one listed on the article linked here - Netgear, TP-Link, ASUS, etc. and no one had a solution. It appears the problem has been reconciled and we are back in business. There were a few other workarounds but it looks like Edimax is going to stop (has stopped) supporting the Edimax EW-7811Un Wifi Dongle as of 1/5/2020. For $10 hardly a loss. I would never expect Hak5 to provide drivers for products like Netgear or TP-Link, it's their job to keep their drivers up to date and it just took a bit longer this time with all the changes in Catalina.

non Hak5 Link to setting up Nano 

Works like a charm again! Thanks for the prompt response @Darren Kitchen  🙃

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