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Possible fix for those getting 'unable to rip mp3 null' etc.


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I got my PC back from repair (was using my laptop instead of the PC for half a year now until I found time to get my PC repaured) and installed Pandra's Jar. I was really dazzled when I found it not working properly, although the settings where similar to those on my laptop. It DID rip the mp3s, but not in the specified directory, but in a folder named 'unclassifieds', not being named with Artist - Title but with their MD5 checksum.

I had installed PJ on another partition (E:/pandorarip), but it was a fresh installation, not just copied from the notebook. Just copied the default.properties over and adapted the path to E:/pandorarip.

I than tried something I'd never have expected to do the trick:

I installed to C:/pandora (like on my notebook, where PJ was working all the time) and adapted the path in the default.properties.

And now it works like a charm!

The only possible reason for this I can think is, that C:/pandora is is hardcoded somewhere, and therefore running PJ in another directory won't work. Maybe CF will have a look onto that issue or has another clue why this would happen...

So for all those having troubles:

Try using C:/pandora and setting mp3.archive.path=C:/pandora/

and please report if that worked out for you as well!

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