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Can I use Panel Antennas to target two axis 90 deg apart?

MAC Jaeger

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I want to collect data from a street that does a 90 deg turn.  I want to place the pineapple tetra at the corner and direct an antenna down each street, but I don't want to collect data from the houses off the street.  So, I was thinking of replacing the omni antenna with panel antennas so I can get a long range but narrow width signal in two directions.  Can I focus one panel down one street, and the other panel aimed at the other street?  Or do both panels need to aim in the same direction? 

From this forum, I've learned that the antennas on the right side of the Tetra are the ones used to transmit and receive traffic for capture, and the left side is for management.  Why are there two antennas per side?  How are they used?  On the right side, are the antennas used differently like one transmit, and the other receive?  Or do they both do the same but two are used for better coverage?

I think a little more info about how each antenna works would be helpful.  I'm looking for more details than just right side client traffic, left side management.  I want to know what each antenna does.  Also through linux commands, can I decrease the transmit power?

Thanks for your help.

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