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Looking for positive reviews of Hak5 gear


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Good evening

My first post so I am not sure how this will be received.

I have been lurking for a while now

I have had an interest in Hak5 products for a while and I have loved the videos on youtube.

My question is please if you have used Hak5 products and you like them please post it here and how you have used them.

In my lurking I have seen may posts with complaints and we all know as humans we complain more than we praise. I want to be fair in my research.

So again please if you like this gear please post it here. I have considered buying some of the items but am on the fence due to reviews I have read here and elsewhere.

Thank you

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You know, this is a hard one and it has multiple answers depending on numerous reasons.  A lot of things have changed on here.  Some due to Hak5 and some due to Linux in general.  So it is a rather loaded question, and it depends your knowledge, what you want to do with the devices, and if your willing to learn.  I don't have a lot of time to go into great detail at the moment but I'll put it this way.  If I had to go back and do it over.  I'd buy most of what I have purchased.  If today was the first time seeing them and like you have had the chance to look over the forums, then I'd probably only buy one item at best. 

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