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Boot Kali as Root on Raspi


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Hi there

I would like to disable the login screen when i boot up my raspi, and directly login as root. That raspi is a turn on / off device, wich only i use, and no sesitive data is saved there.
So i dont need the login screen..it should boot up as root to the desktop.

Im blindly using the raspi outside..no problem to start a ssh session without login..but to start the x11vnc, user/ root must be logged in. I can blindly login with my remote keyboard, but i want to disable that, just for QoL reasons..its a test device..so i dont care about the login.

Any help?

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..or how to disable the sleep mode..do it doesnt logoff to the loginscreen. I want to start the Raspi once..login, and stay logged in, untill i manually logout/poweroff, if the gui logs off..i cant login, while not home =D..just shh works then..not vnc

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