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[PAYLOAD] Respashes


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3 hours ago, garret said:

yep, agree. This is the right problem. @Darren Kitchen have any idea? i'm trying to solve the "locked computer" problem, but found anything which works yet.

Why do you ping Darren...

Why do you say "agree". How can you agree to an answer to a question you asked. 

What do you mean with "locked computer" problem? It is not a "problem" that the computer is locked. It is a requirement, because we assume that the computer is locked and we want to have a payload that works with locked computers.

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Lol, this isn't a Darren issue.  It is MS doing their due diligence and fixing an issue.  If you want to get hashes from locked machines, you will need to come up with a new method....not Darren.  He has given you the tool to use whatever you come up with.  Use it damnit.


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On 3/5/2020 at 2:32 AM, Bob123 said:

Ok I deleted the db file, locked the computer and tried it again.  It got the hash without issue.  Took a bit longer, probably because it had to recreate the db file.  And then I also tried it with the computer unlocked and it worked too.  Again this is with a vanilla win10 box 1903.  Just a username and simple password.  What does yours do?

On a side note, I've never tried LaZagne.  I'll try that one next.

Okay, I want to keep this thread about Respashes, but I posted something in the QuickCreds [payload] topic.

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