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Cyberpunk game suggestions?

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I'm looking for some cyberpunk-style game suggestions. I am not much of a gamer, but I really enjoy that genre of literature and would definitely play a game based on related concepts. I've played the Shadowrun series for PC/Mac. They're okay. I'm looking for more obscure suggestions though. I'm definitely aware of `Cyberpunk 2077` too. While it does seem very mainstream I watched the game-play video and I have to admit that it looked great and had some very cool elements-- even if William Gibson kind of talked shit on it.

I've also downloaded `2064: Read Only Memories`, `The Red Strings Club`, and `VA-11 HALL-A`, but I haven't got a chance to play them yet because I am using a Mac right now and I haven't looked for any good Windows emulators yet. If someone has a suggestion on the best way to run Windows programs on OSX that would be helpful too.

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