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DUCKY_LANG not working?


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Hey people.

For some reason my bashbunny doesnt switch the keyboard layout. de.json is installed, i set the config.txt from us to de ,,i tried to putting an extra DUCKY_LANG=de in the payload txt..but it stays on US keyboard.

I just made a payload to print z and y to test it..but no matter where i put the DUCKY_LANG=de ..it keeps mixing y and z up. (And i was wondering the whole time why so many payloads dont work.)

Any ideas how to fix it? I even did a factory reset..and yes..of course the firmware is uptodate

Please please help..it would be annoying to translate every payload by hand.

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Have you tried with or without the "equals sign" (=) when specifying language? Not sure if it makes any real difference (I don't have my Bunny around at the moment so I can't test it), but the documentation is rather non-stringent when it comes to the use of the equals sign or not. The Ducky Script page for the Bash Bunny at docs.hak5.org does not specify the use of the equals sign, and the documentation on the Hak5 GitHub uses as well as does not use the equals sign on the same docs page. Kind of confusing, but might not matter at all. You can at least try with or without the equals sign, i.e. DUCKY_LANG=fr or DUCKY_LANG fr and see if it makes any difference.



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7 hours ago, Gr3phi3r said:

Hi Chrizree, than you for your feedback.

Like you, i have seen (and tried) differents informations about the DUCKY_LANG, but nothing works 😕

OK, now try this:

Download the bunnyupdater from here.

Run it twice, so you're 100% sure everything's fully upgraded.

Try a payload with the following contents:

# Example would be DUCKY_LANG=ch
RUN WIN "notepad"
Q DELAY 1000
Q STRING "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

and see if it outputs the sentence correctly.

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